Who We Are


The 77th Combine is no ordinary realm, we’re in 100% survival mode, hard difficulty, vanilla-style gameplay. Some of us have been playing together since the beginning in September 2016.  Together we have achieved spectacular builds, a solid community, special events, shopping districts, and wonderful environment you can safely play and explore. We like to have a sense of achievement. We pride ourselves in the fact that no matter how hard it has been at times, we’re still here and stronger than ever. We believe in individual improvement as well as group effort. We also believe that anything is possible, even if a dozen ghasts are behind your back waiting to strike!

S3 Shopping


No realm can prosper without rules. Here are a few of ours that should be mentioned:

  • PvP is restricted
  • No trespassing/stealing
  • No griefing/drama
  • No modding/duplication/taking advantage of glitches or bugs
  • Don’t feed mogwais after midnight

The Shrine of the Eternal Monkey


Make our world friendly, fun, and based on mutual respect. We like it when:

  • Creeper damage is quickly repaired
  • Signs are read and acknowledged
  • Help is provided where needed
  • Currency is used correctly
  • Trees aren’t floating. They aren’t clouds. If you see a floating tree… help bring it down.

In addition to our primary survival world, we like to have fun with Minecraft outside the realm too! We have a secondary realm that hosts special events. These include: Special maps for PVP Battles, Capture the Flag battles, Races, Redstone and Creative builds, Mashup-packs, Scavenger hunts, Special one off events… basically anything we can think of to enhance our group’s enjoyment of Minecraft! Some of the worlds are temporary, others are saved and reloaded as we cycle through our events.



Want a glimpse into the lives and adventures of members already settled on the 77th? Well luckily we have some budding internet stars pumping out realm related content ready to be viewed! Check out the Watch Us page.


Interested in joining us?

Check out our Apply info page for more information on how to join!