Season 7

Season 7 we mixed things up a bit.  For the first time use of glitches has been allowed.  Dupping glitches are still off limits, but players were now able to do things like break bedrock roofs in the nether and take advantage of wither cages. 

This season is still in session.  More information will be released once the season closes

 General Realm

  • Season: 6
  • Start Date: ???
  • Type: Survival
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • PVP: Allowed, but by request and in certain areas
  • World Generation: Random
  • Modifications: None
  • Controls: Non-Dupping glitches allowed.  Cheats off (even for OPs)
Additional Realm Info:

  • Seed:  <witheld till Season close>
  • Outside of Realm:
    • Community Primary: Band
    • Community Secondary: Discord

Season Images