Season 11 (active)

Season 11

Additional information will be released once the season closes

Season: 11
Start Date: December 5th 2021
Hardware: Server
Type: Survival
Difficulty: Hard
PVP: Allowed, but by request and in certain areas
World Generation: 5 Random seeds, chosen from by Mayor ConceptualConstruct
• Cheats off (even for OPs)
• Non-duplication glitches allowed
Additional Realm Info:
• Seed:  <withheld till Season close>
• Spawn: Mesa
• World Gen: 1.18
• Travel Limit: +/- 5000
• Render distance set to 12

External Realm info
Community Chat: Discord

Season Tour

none at this time

Season Images

Season 11 Spawn:

There were 4 random seed videos that Mayor ConceptualConstruct got to choose from. The original videos allowed seeing a little more than 1k out from the spawn points. No exploration was done. Below is the RTX version that shows about 200 blocks out from spawn prior to the players joining the server.