Useful files

Add-ons & Fixes

In here, you will find a number of useful files to change Minecraft.  Some may be files or tutorials to better your game play, some might be to add/remove features, some maybe just augment your own texture packs.  But all have been approved by the 77th Combine OP team.  Click to continue on to the Add-ons, References, & Fixes page.

77th Favorite Texture Packs

In this section you will find some of the texture packs our members enjoy using.  Some are even put together by our very own members!  All meet the 77th Guidelines for play and may be used on our realm.  Click to continue on to the 77th Favorite Texture Packs page.

Tutorials & Resources

Curious how to make an XP farm to grind all those levels or repair your tools?  Curious what the game mechanics are behind making an iron farm?  Trying to find those slime chunks?  Regardless what knowledge you are looking for we are here to try to help!  Anything that can be figured out via “in game” knowledge is fair game on the 77th, and we want you to benefit from what we’ve learned.  Click this section for more information to help you be a master Minecraft player!