Season 10

Season 10

Additional information will be released once the season closes

Season: 10
Start Date: January 30th 2021
Hardware: Realm, converted to server mid way through Season
Type: Survival
Difficulty: Hard
PVP: Allowed, but by request and in certain areas
World Generation: 5 Random seeds, chosen from by Mayor Locke
• Cheats off (even for OPs)
• Non-duplication glitches allowed
Additional Realm Info:
• Seed:  -384912328
• Spawn: Forested beach
• Travel Limit: +/- 5000

External Realm info
Community Chat: Discord

Season Tour

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Season Images

Season 10 Spawn:

There were 5 random seed videos that Mayor Locke got to choose from. The original videos allowed seeing a little more than 1k out from the spawn points. No exploration was done. Below is the RTX version that shows about 200 blocks out from spawn.