How to Join (Currently Closed for Applications)

We are excited you are interested in joining our ranks. The 77th Combine is Hard Vanilla Bedrock Minecraft Server (not Java). We are seeking mature, respectful players, who enjoy being part of a community and working and having fun together.

Before you apply there are a few things you should know, so please read this entry page before applying.



No realm can prosper without rules. Here are a few of ours that should be mentioned:

  • We are 100% vanilla survival – Cheaters are not wanted
  • Discord is a must
  • PvP is restricted to willing participants
  • Don’t feed mogwais after midnight
  • No trespassing/stealing
  • No griefing/drama
  • No modding or duplication



Please tell us about yourself, your age, where you are from, why you love the game, your goals and aspirations on the server.  If your application stands out and is deemed of interest by our recruiters, you will be contacted and be required to join our realm group on Discord to know the other members.

This is where we gather and communicate outside the server and is limited to the members of the 77th, and is entirely free. We use Discord to get to know who you are and make sure we will all get along.  You will be given access to our player’s handbook upon joining us that you will be asked to read & agree to prior to joining the server itself, like everyone else before.

The Handbook

Once we’ve had a chance to get to know you and we feel you will fit in with the group you will be whitelisted on the server. Then the real fun starts!



Like real life we chose our friends wisely, if the recruiters don’t feel you would fit in with our established community you will not be invited.  We are able to offer a worry free, stable play environment and we want to keep it that way.  If this recruiting process is too complex, long & tedious to your tastes, then please seek another realm or server. We feel any good server should have a gradual entry, as this has proven helpful with the safety of all our hard work. We hope you understand, but if you don’t get it, it would probably be best to move on.


**IMPORTANT**   To make it easier for the recruiters to find you, please make sure you are a member of the – >> Minecraft Realm Portal  << – This is a public Discord server where you will find The 77th Combine as well as other great Bedrock realms and servers and many wonderful Minecraft players.  You are not required to chat here, however having a common server makes it easier to invite you to our private one. 


           IT TAKES TIME

You’ve submitted an application, Great!  Please remember it takes time to review and discuss among the recruiters.  We have jobs, kids, lives outside this game.  We also don’t want to flood Discord and the server with new members so invites are spaced out to avoid confusion.  If we have accepted your application we will send you a message with instructions, this may take up to a week.  Please be patient, you will be happy you were as we feel good things are worth the wait.



 According to the feedback received, our members think it’s a privilege to be a part of The 77th Combine. We personally believe the 77th is privileged to have such members.

Come join us, learn and build with us and share our remarkable experiences!

– The 77th Combine OPs team


        Applications Currently Closed!   

Join The Minecraft Realm Portal Discord Server to lean when we will open applications —>  Link

Page updated February 6, 2023