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Please note: we are currently holding off on accepting new recruits as we reset for Season 6.  We will start reaccepting once we start off the new season.  Thank you.

Interested in joining our realm?  Click Here to go directly to the application page on the Minecraft Forums.  You can interact with our members and those from many other realms at the public discord group we are a member of at

…Or read on for more information about applying to our realm

We collect all applications on the Minecraft forum, and will contact you via the forum by private message if the operations find your application of interest.  An paraphrased excerpt from this season’s recruitment post is below, but to join, you will need to go to to the forum itself and post there.


Please tell us about yourself, your age, where you are from, why you love the game, your goals and aspirations on the realm. If your application stands out and is deemed of interest by our recruiters, you will be contacted via direct message on the forum and be required to join our realm group on Band, which is supported on every platform (mobile/PC/xbox). Our realm on Band is a group-oriented messaging & social network system, limited to the members of the 77th, and is entirely free. We use Band to get to know who you are and make sure we will all get along. You will be given access to our player’s handbook upon joining us on Band that you will be asked to read & agree to prior to joining the realm itself, like everyone else before.

The Handbook

Then the real fun starts! Unless this recruiting process is too complex, long & tedious to your tastes, then please seek another realm. We feel any good realm should have a gradual entry, as this has proven help with the safety of all our hard work. We hope you understand, but if you don’t get it, it would probably best to move on.


According to the feedback received, our members think it’s a privilege to be a part of The 77th Combine. We personally believe the 77th is privileged to have such members.

Come join us, learn and build with us and share our remarkable experiences!

– The 77th Combine OPs team

APPLY NOW! – We review all applicants weekly

No application is complete without the following information:

  • introduction
  • skills
  • age
  • gender
  • country
  • gamertag
  • how did you hear about us?

Ready to apply?  Click Here to go to the application page on the forums.