Contact US

Want to get in touch with us at the 77th Combine?  Below are a number of options!

  • Our realm is a member of the public Minecraft Multi-Player discord group.  Chat with us and a number of other welcoming realms over at Multi-Player Public Discord
  • There are many of us that stream and host video channels on Youtube and elsewhere.  Try leaving a comment on one of the videos for our streamers!  Check them all out at Watch Us page.
  • You can find us posting images of some of our favorite builds and landscapes over at Instagram.
  • We are on Twitter as well!  Try leaving us a tweet @77thCombine on our page
  • Need to chat with one of the Operators of the 77th Combine?  Please email us at 77CombineOps (at)  Please keep in mind the Operators are not full-time moderators, and we can’t respond to every request.  Additionally, only application submitted on the form provided are considered, emailing the ops isn’t going to speed up the process.