PLAYER ID: Sikopoly

Nicknames: Sik, Ski, and a few others that Cptn. Monkey feet gave him.

Sikopoly started playing Minecraft Pocket Edition in 2012 version 0.5.0.  He played alone building lots of bases in that time; a few above ground, some underwater, one or two in the nether.  He come to realize he was a hermit and that he loves to build underground with a little house to indicate his location/entrance.

Once Realms released in 2016 Sik was excited to get to play with others. He joined many Realms soon realizing the horrors of griefing and theft. Sik eventually found Knightmare Craft where he met Just1guitar aka J1g aka Just1eevee, playing together there for months before that realm eventually died. This is where Sik also got to meet Cptn. MonkeyFeet and ThatSassyFox. ThatSassyFox is the one that recommended the 77th Combine were he made an application and waited.

February 2017 Sikopoly joined the 77th Combine family and has never had to look for another realm. This is the one!  He did have to step away for a few months but was welcomed back with open arms.  He loves this group and the realm.  When asked to pick a favorite member, he’d pick the 77th Combine.  “The people here are absolutely amazing. Great builders, redstone pros, hardcore explorers, fast miners, awesome streamers The 77th Combine got it” – Sikopoly