bvxus52Player ID – BitterRabbits

Speciality – Building (public and private works), farming, exploration

Current Season Base – Savannah base (acacia manor)

Long time player of Minecraft PE, stretching all the way back to the “dark days”: no natural cave generation, no redstone, non infinite worlds, you name it. Invested long hours to single player survival but no multiplayer interaction prior to realms. One of the “original” 77ers aka from first week realm creation. Very invested in the realm and it’s members. Peacekeeper, public representative, in game OP, and just generally involved in realm upkeep and development. Happiest when keeping busy in game; whether gathering supplies, assisting with public builds, or just doing busywork, an active Bitter is a happy Bitter!

An admitted stickler for rules and organization, loves words and knows how to use them. Always ready to listen to comments, concerns, and ideas from other members, or just lend an ear if anyone needs it. Aliases include: TheBitterRabbit, SourBunnies, Butter, Bit/Bits, Ms.Bunny/Ms.Rabbit.

Builds of Note