Player ID
– spikebeer

Speciality – Exploring, building, helping others, xp farms, and breeder/collector of fast horses

Current Season Base – Shipwreck Island

Spike was introduced to Minecraft when her daughter bought it spring of 2016.  After quickly learning that it was not fun to play with kindergartners she began looking for other multi- player options.

The 77th Combine was recommended to Spike by SpiderWebNinja.  Hesitating at first to apply due to her inexperience with Minecraft, she is extremely glad she did.  Since joining the 77th in November 2016; she went from no clue how to enchant, to building redstone lamp horse tracks and charged creeper farms.

Spike is happiest when she has a specific task, especially when she can help others.

Most memorable moments are crashing the realm with one of her first redstone piston doors, and fighting the dragon with 9 other members.

Builds of Note – Group project Atlantis in season 4,  Camelot in season 5, and the Creeper Land theme park in Season 2 – Creeper Land – The Community Comes Together

Some other of her favourite builds: