capmotGame Tag : Captianmot AKA Mot and cap10 redbeard 

Joined the 77th Combine in Season 4

Captainmot has been play Minecraft since the PE version 0.12.0 back in 2015 starting out playing in creative, building large cities and other creations.  He enjoyed the endless building supplies and the fact that it was much like building blocks or Lego’s aside from the fact that they didn’t have to been cleaned up after and that he could come back at anytime and continue building and adding to his creations.   

Captianmot didn’t know much about survival and didn’t understand how a lot of things worked especially enchanting, so decided to start a survival world and give it a go.   It was very slow going and he spent many many days in a dirt hole too scared to come out at night.  He gradually began to get the hang of things so Mot decided to try out realms.  He had a few bad experiences before finding a great group of people on Cosokiverse realm and began to learn from others and form great relationships.  Mot had always been intrigued by the 77th Combine but wasn’t sure if he was quite ready or good enough.  There is always so much hype and talk about the 77th and he wanted to see for himself.   After some hesitations he applied to join early January 2018 and was accepted! Captianmot instantly felt right at home and was given warm welcomes in game and on Band.  He plays almost every night and tries to be involved in any and all events going on such as wither fights, dragon fights, build competitions,  the 77th cocktail hour and more.

Captianmot likes building and exploring but still isn’t very good at redstone. However there’s still time to learn and that’s one of his favorite things about the game, that there is always something new to do and the possibilities are almost endless.