Dernalia progress update 6 – Storage room and stables

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The surface part of the mine project has been an eyesore for a long time due to chests lying in the area and a temporary dirt barrier to keep my horse in (which changed its location several times as I was digging and terraforming and the horse was in the way). Now I finally removed those and made a proper storage room for the mine project and underground stables. This progress update is a smaller one, but I really like these two builds.

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77th Combine season 6 progress update 8 – Medieval town is done!

Another great update on their build from one of our members – DeenyBuilder

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I am very aware of the fact that the progress done in the Futuristic vs. Fantasy base between the last post and this one isn’t as impressive as usual, but I am gonna make this article anyway. Also here I’m adding a little clarification for those who aren’t that familiar with the project – it’s a two-people base I have been working on with TheeKunal2020, but the new stuff I am showing here has been all done by myself.

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