Ceto’s Tomb (Season 6)



I have been lucky enough to join the 77th Combine in their 6th season, “The Treasure is a Lie”. To make my mark, I decided to take on something I had never done before: to conquer and drain an ocean monument.

The most tempting approach was recreate Atlantis from Season 5, or take inspiration from Mumbo, ImpluseSV, or XBCrafted. But I’ve decided to take more cues from TangoTek and look at the evil side of Minecraft lore.

The Lore

The monument is taking the form of Ceto’s Tomb (who is the goddess of the dangers in the ocean , as well as mother of sea monsters).

f_j11Ud018svc1u6nkbi3069so_otwmceThe monument appeared at the last known sighting of Ceto. Ancient texts found in the monument name Echidna (daughter of Ceto) the heir of all sea monsters. On exploration of the monument, I needed to slay a number of guardians and elders before I uncovered the hidden treasure. But the more guardians I killed, the more would appear. It was an endless stream of monsters haunting me.

4_0h2Ud018svc1rrd37sh4bqho_t77zex.pngIn an attempt to prevent the monsters from reappearing, I drained the water from around the monument and cleared any sign of their existence. But this has only cause new problems. The land surrounding the monument started to turn to bloody flesh, fires burst from the ground and snake heads appeared out of thin air. With a thunder strike, a dragon statue appeared with a glowing purple opening at its base.

I don’t know what type of evil I have unearthed,  but I fear that Echidna may have risen and summoned an evil not yet known in this world. Perhaps a cross dimensional evil which will begin to destroy reality as we know it. I can only apologies for unleashing this evil on the realm and I hope I can contain its spread before it infects anyone else.

Haywarc is amember of the 77th Combine


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