77th Cocktail Hour 2018-08-03 – In Game Currency (repost)

(Reposted due to upload error in audio file.)  In this week’s episode, we cover the news from the week of August 3rd, and discuss the different options for in game currency options, both in Vanilla game play and add-ons.

77th News

  • New Member and Hopefulls rundown.
  • Redstonia returning to SE realm
  • Build pallets being added to Redstonia
  • TAG YOUR IT! game going on the realm
  • Monthly check in post
  • Nether beautification project in progress

Minecraft News

Main Discussion – In game currency


Curious for the full information and links mentioned?  Check out this week’s Show Notes at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRYFsLJo5jx07KT3iSNhYmtpzn2bBsOv0_23FzMhcoSiyvHSHBdx0o9-OwaDwWw5BHJrlpPYNWhsx89/pubhtml?gid=1988557043&single=true

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