Creeper Land – The Community Comes Together

An idea was brought forward in early March; is anyone interested in a community build?! If everyone can help, even with just collecting resources, imagine what we can create as a group. But what should it be? There was discussion of an epic castle or floating islands, when an idea was hatched: a roller coaster. Excitement was in the air; a whole theme park would be a wonderful addition to our realm!  So many projects, both big and small, could accompany a roller coaster, allowing something for everyone!

Now we needed somewhere to put this massive build, and an area not far from spawn was scouted. Just behind the seasonal display is a creeper fountain, and beyond that was a vast area of Savannah not yet developed. We found the perfect place!

Screenshot (256)

The track outline was laid out by Deenybuilder and myself.  And with a call to action for members to come with their idea’s, their best tools, and oh yes, Acacia Wood!  The Combine Roller Coaster has begunt to emerge from the hot Savannah!

Screenshot (308)

Stay tuned for more updates on our new theme park; dubbed Creeper Land in honour of the creeper head fountain visible from the park.   We would love to hear your ideas, please leave a comment with any suggestions for the budding build.

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