Welcome to 2 new website contributors!

We have two new contributors to the 77thCombine Team!  SpikeBeer and OstrichLord76 are joining us here on the77thcombine.com website to help create posts and share information about what is happening on the realm.

SpikeBeer: Spike was introduced to minecraft when her daughter bought it for the tablet spring of 2016.  After quickly learning that it was not fun to play with kindergartners she began looking for other multi- player options…  For more information including her builds, links, and other fun facts, check out her focus page!

OstrichLord76: OstrichLord76 began Minecraft as a 10 year old who excelled at collecting dirt and even moreso at building horrible dirt houses. However, as the years went on he gradually learned the ins and outs of the game. Eventually he turned to multiplayer realms…  For more information including his builds, links, and other fun facts, check out his focus page!

We are looking forward to many posts from both of these users. Check back for their posts, or follow us here or on twitter to be notified when new content comes out.

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