The 77th Combine’s Special Event Realm

All members of the 77th Combine thoroughly enjoy playing on the 77th Combine. However, sometimes players can find the constant grind overwhelming and need a break. With that in mind, the OPs team decided to introduce the special event realm. From PvP to adventure maps, the special event realm not only allows for members to “let of some steam”, but also provides a nice change from the SMP play style the 77th Combine is infamous for.

The special event realm goes through a cycle of different events that change every week. These events have included adventure maps, elytra maps, racing maps, PvP arenas, and other events of that nature.

After nearly a month of being up, the realm has been a huge success, for all members of the 77th have voiced their support of the realm and participated in the various events within. This realm successfully brings the community together in friendly competition and cooperative adventuring to promote a colloquial union between all players of the 77th.

Shown below are a select few of the many different events the realm has to offer.

Ender Elytra Event:

This event included an elytra obstacle course that proved to be incredibly difficult. Many 77th Combiners enjoyed the struggle to conquer the map.

Ultimate Slayer PvP:

As an extreme opposite of the 77th Combine, this PvP realm allowed players to choose different kits ranging from archers to tanks and use them in battle. Recommended for those who like a little bit of chaos and friendly competition.

Fallout Four Map:

Whether you are a fan of the fallout series or not, this map is guaranteed to please. Filled with incredible builds, there is hours of exploring to be done and tons of loot to be found.

As the 77ths community grows, a magnitude of possibilities arise to make the realm a more trustworthy, friendly, entertaining, and forthcoming place. The special events realm is just the beginning of many great things to come!

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