The Waiting Room

How do members of the 77th pass the time while waiting for the start of the next season? Well consider this question: How fast can we find a stronghold and take out the dragon?

Yes, the itch for the grind will be temporarily relieved with this challenge.  A new temporary realm was formed: “The Waiting Room”, and a handful of us started the early resource grind.  The difference though was this was only a temporary world, so no reason to hoard diamonds and supplies; no point in each starting a base and each finding enough books for a personal enchantment area. We are friends, we all trust each other to play fair.

Many found it odd to place diamonds into a community chest, but we were working together in this.  Diamonds were mined, a fortress was conquered, a double spawner was found near by and an xp farm created.  Crops were sowed, villagers were cured, CaptMonkeyFeet was even able to collect 3 wither skeleton heads and placed them in the community chest as well.  Maybe we can fight the wither too after the dragon was slain!  It was simple but effective.

Screenshot (17)

So, how fast did the group of us achieve our goal?  Well, BitterRabbits (the Queen of Exploring) found a stronghold on day 2!  Enough eye’s of ender were collected on day 4.  And by day 5 we all felt ready to jump into the portal and fight!

The hardest part was finding a time when the majority of us could get on for the fight!

In the end 4 of us, YoMate21, BitterRabbits, TXLWAgent, and myself, stepped through that portal on voice chat.

the waiting room

It was a swift fight with little death on our end, and it is great when you have a team that works so well together.

I can only hope the wither fight is as successful…

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