Season 3, the wait is finally over

It seemed like forever, but it finally happened: June 1st was the big day!  The 77th Combine would reset for only the second time since September 2016.  We had discussed prior to the reset (our HYPE period) that there would be only one “roll” on the seed; we get what we get, and we don’t get upset (as my 7 year old says) . I personally had the privilege of being the first person to enter our new realm, my job being to mark out the spawn boarders (no fun for me just yet!). So excited!!! But what would I find?

Touch down, and I see plains, rivers, turn a bit and see ocean, turn a bit more and see snow plains, a sight I personally hadn’t seen since season one.  We also discussed that we would leave cheats off this time, so I would need wood for the markers. Not many trees on these plains, so off I run in search, feeling a little bad that I get the privilege to see it first.  I hadn’t planned to have to roam far from spawn for wood, and I think I was killed two or three times as darkness was falling, Karma maybe? So the Creeper holes will have to be fixed later and still not all the markers placed.  Oh well, the troops are biting at the bit to get on and go go go, and I was feeling the pressure, so the remaining markers can wait for later.  So we open the gates for the rest of the members and the grind begins.

I’m personally not a fan of the early grind, which may be why I never play with my kids and is the reason I love this realm; I know I can build and build and get decked out in fancy gear, and we will do all we can to prevent having to start over time and time again. With this in mind and after the success of the The Waiting Room, a group of us decided to work together again and have a sub-community within the realm.  We plan to work together to get a base up and running, we will have communal areas like enchantment and brewing rooms, storage, barn, farms, etc. Each will have our personal area’s near by to work on your own projects as well. We had hoped to find a jungle not too far from spawn and we all spread out in search of a good area to set up camp.  Unfortunately, the jungle was over 2000 blocks away so we chose an area within 700 blocks of spawn where dark oak met snow spruce and planted our crafting table.

Screenshot (223).png

What should we call ourselves?  Names were thrown around and tossed out faster then a wood pickax.  Hmmm, well the majority of our group are adults and *cough* old, so have bad hips (apparently). So the Hipsters were born.  We could kid ourselves that it was derived from the trendy modern term for Hipsters, maybe some of the guys do in fact have man buns??  the acronym came after ; Hidden In Plain Sight, The Eclectic Rogue Society.

You can find links to Capt_Monkey_Feet’s video’s where he gives a tour of the Hipsters Neighourhood.


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