Matron of the Mist

“Once upon a time in a cold northern land lived a beautiful snow goddess, The Matron of the Mist. 

One windy January after watching the Brier, The Matron found she was growing tired of poutine and Ketchup chips, and knew it was time to get off the chesterfield and become a snowbird.  After a quick stop for a large double-double and timbits she was on her way to the warmers waters of the 77th.  She traveled many klicks to reach her winter home and saw the many wonders along the way; including Skycrown, the terrors of the Evil Ravine and the many shops on the docks.  Eventually The Matron realized she should apologize for enjoying the world and decided to leave some treasures for her fellow keeners to find.

 Please follow this map and see where it might lead you, I hope you are not disappointed.”

A new feature has sprang up on the 77th Combine: map quests.  Placed around the realm are small statues with a story and a map to some treasures!   The Matron is watching and will bring new maps as they are discovered and enjoyed.

(Can you spot all the Canadian jargon? There is lots eh)
X Marks the spot


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