Member Focus

The 77th Combine is proud to have 40+ dedicated active members. Here we can have a few of “in-depth” info about long playing members of the community.


Tasel knew about Minecraft and even dabbled with it back at the start with Java version  0.3, but didn’t actually start playing until his daughter got interested in it on her iPad back at the end of 2015.  Fast forward a bit and he started to … Read more


Spike was introduced to Minecraft when her daughter bought it in spring of 2016.  After quickly learning that it was not fun to play with kindergartners she began looking for … Read more




Sikopoly started playing Minecraft Pocket Edition in 2012 version 0.5.0.  He played alone building lots of bases in that time; a few above ground, some underwater, one or two in the nether.  He come to realize he was a….  read more



Deeny1 Deenybuider

Deeny has been playing Minecraft since spring 2014 and still enjoy the game a lot.  He became a member of 77th Combine during it’s second season, in February 2017. During this long time Deeny have become a great… read more





Commonly called Spider, she actually really a Ninja. Fighter of the evil spider webs. You can still see a traces of cob webs on her skin to this day.

Like many others on the realm, Spider is… Read more



Eeveegirl Just1Guitar






Captainmot has been play Minecraft since the PE version 0.12.0 back in 2015 starting out playing in creative, building large cities and other creations.  He enjoyed the endless building supplies and the fact that it was much like building blocks or … ReadMore